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What is Plagiarism?


A Plagiarism is an activity that occurs when a person use other's material without any reference. Suppose, I have written an article worth 1000 words. If someone publishes that article under his name without any credits to me, then the act will fall under plagiarism. It is a big offense in both offline and online world. 


Does plagiarism applicable in the education industry?


Yes, plagiarism is applicable in all industries. With the creation of modern plagiarism tools, universities/colleges/schools have created protocols to deal with plagiarism. In the past, many cases of plagiarism have been encountered in the Australian education campuses. Universities have suspended and terminated most students who found guilty of plagiarism. 


How teachers and professors track plagiarism?

The technology is a boon to everyone. If students get content easily on the internet, then the internet has offered advanced plagiarism detection tools to the professors as well. Professors use such tools to check the reliability of your assignment. Any copied paragraph from the internet without citation gets tracked in seconds. 


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How to deal with plagiarism?

One can easily deal with plagiarism. When you do content research and use any paragraph or quote in the essay, you should add the URL of that article/web page as a citation to your assignment, Also, make sure to avoid copy pasting from the internet, read the content from the internet and write a fresh copy to keep yourself aside from the negative effects of plagiarism. 


Also, there are online tools such as Grammaly to deal with duplicate content. Do paste your content in the Grammarly editor and check out the accuracy of your article. The tool will highlight duplicate content. Correct it and deal with duplicate content errors quickly.


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